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Sea fastening of tableware, glassware and cutlery on luxury yachts: for more than 15 years, this has been the exclusive specialism of Schuerman Sea Fastening. And we're proud of that. What's our strength? A combination of craftsmanship and innovation, and passion for our work.

Craftsmanship, innovation and quality

We strive for perfection, day in, day out. Pure Dutch craftsmanship is the foundation of our work. However, we also continuously invest in innovative technology and the latest machinery and equipment. We also carry out quality inspections at each stage of a sea fastening project. This allows us to continue to offer products of the highest quality, tailor-made for your exclusive tableware and superyacht.

Partner of leading yacht builders in Europe

Over the years, we have accumulated much knowledge and experience in the international yacht building industry. We know the rules of the game and understand what is important. With our approach – we take care of the entire sea fastening project, from design to installation on board – we take a major burden off your shoulders. And we deliver made-to-measure solutions of the highest quality – in a very short space of time. The renowned yacht builders and interior builders who work with us, often for many years, greatly appreciate this.

Schuerman has even more to offer

We can also supply other high-quality made-to-measure plastic products. These include products for applications in mechanical engineering, interior design and illuminated advertising. Would you like to know more? Then visit the Schuerman Kunststofbewerking website. 

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