High-quality sea fastening solutions for all tableware

We use a variety of methods for the production of our sea fastening products. Regardless of the method you choose, you are assured of a practical and durable tailor-made solution of the highest quality – because our experts combine craftsmanship with the latest insights and the most advanced technologies. Furthermore, we use only high-quality materials. 

Optimal protection of your tableware and glassware is our top priority. However, efficient use of space, convenience and durability are also important design requirements. And of course, the appearance must contribute to the unique experience that you wish to create on board. 



Which type of made-to-measure solution fits your situation?

Every sea fastening solution for tableware, glassware and cutlery we produce is unique – because you decide what is right for your yacht and your tableware. In addition, the smallest details – in material, shape, colour or finishing – can make all the difference.

Made-to-measure sea fastening

The perfect made-to-measure solution for all your tableware, glassware and cutlery. Two acrylic components are connected with round rods, using adhesive that is almost invisible. The upper component has several recesses, which can be used to hold glasses or cups, etc. To fasten plates and dishes, round rods attached to a single component are often chosen.


Schuerman Kunststoffen506

Adjustable sea fastening 

For larger items of tableware, such as plates and dishes, we also offer a custom-made flexible solution. This consists of an acrylic plate fitted with round rods, which can be re-positioned. The most important advantage: you can adjust the position of the rods at any time.



Made-to-measure cutlery cassette

Especially for cutlery, we have developed the 'Schuerman method'. We build a custom-made plastic cassette lined with felt to match your cutlery. Each item can be placed in this cassette separately. This solution not only saves space, but also fastens your cutlery even more securely, thus guaranteeing optimal protection.





The benefits of transparent materials

In addition to the method and shape, you may also specify the type of plastic and the desired colour for your sea fastening product. In our experience, customers often choose transparent materials. This is for aesthetic reasons, but also because the glassware and tableware is clearly visible. So if you would like an elegant solution that is also practical in use, choose high-quality transparent acrylic. It is strong, impact-resistant, hard-wearing and stylish.


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